ice-cream The Great Thing About Ice Cream Fundraisers

July 16, 2018

Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for an important cause and also work great as a platform for delivering an important message or meeting goals. The key to a successful fundraiser is planning. You must first determine the cause and then think of a creative and valuable way to get people interested in […]

pushcart Ice Cream Truck Options & Alternatives

July 10, 2018

If you’ve been trying to plan a party and find yourself stuck between a rock and hard place trying to find fun, exciting options that the kids and adults will like, say no more. At Ice Scream Social we know that sometimes renting an ice cream truck might not be possible (though we’d love if […]

ice cream Celebrate National Ice Cream Day July 15

July 3, 2018

Ice cream isn’t just a food many love across the globe, it’s also been designated its own national holiday since 1984. Then President, Ronald Reagan declared the 3rd Sunday in the month of July the special day when people across the U.S. can have ceremonies and celebrations to commemorate this long time treat for our […]

fourth of july sparklers Fourth of July Block Party: Rent an Ice Cream Truck

June 25, 2018

We’re just one week away from the 4th of July holiday. Not only does it land smack in the middle of a work week this year, it’s also one of those events that keeps going over the rest of the summer. Picnics and fireworks are the perfect way to end a summer party. If you’re […]

Beer New Ice Cream Flavor Takes Things to the Extreme

June 19, 2018

Ice cream is a favored treat by people across the globe. From  traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, to more inventive mix-ins of candy and more. There are so many ways to enjoy the cold dessert treat that the love for it may just never fade. In New York State, a new ice cream […]

ice cream cone Ice Cream: Now That’s Good Customer Service

June 13, 2018

Any good business owner knows that the only road to success is paved through quality customer care. That’s true of large and small businesses alike. Customers have to feel appreciated – like they are getting a quality product and service and that your brand is only concerned with their greater good.  Millennials, which make up […]

chocolate ice cream Celebrating Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

June 7, 2018

The debate over chocolate or vanilla ice cream having the best flavor is one that’s gone on for ages. Whether you prefer the light, airy taste of vanilla or are a love of rich, decadent chocolate, one things for sure – ice cream is a crowd-pleaser no matter where you go. National Chocolate Ice Cream […]

nostalgic ice cream Nostalgic Treats and Ice Cream Trucks Top Summer Wish Lists

May 31, 2018

Nothing represents the summer season quite like ice cream. This cold treat can be enjoyed in so many different ways. On a cone, stick or in a bowl. It’s topped the list of favorite treats for years. There’s nothing like a cold treat served directly from an ice cream truck. Ice Cream Traditions Over the […]

Ice Cream Truck for Your Company Picnic

May 23, 2018

Summer is the season for picnics and outdoor celebrations. In addition to fairs, festivals and family trips, many corporations take time in the summer to show employees they appreciate the work they’ve done throughout the year by hosting a summer company picnic. Depending on the size of the company and budgets, these events may be […]

wedding ice cream truck Ice Cream Truck at Your Wedding? Yup. It’s a Thing.

May 15, 2018

Celebrating nuptials is an important time for new couples and their family and friends. In addition to the union of the two families, it’s the perfect reason to have a giant event. Weddings today are venturing out into the unknown and creating new traditions outside of the fancy, formal events of the past. Today’s bride […]