Ice Scream Social is a mobile ice cream truck serving premium ice cream novelties throughout New England. You won’t find this Ice Cream Truck out cruising the neighborhoods because we specialize in catering events. We provide a TURNKEY SERVICE throughout Massachusetts. We provide everything from napkins and barrels to a fun creative backdrop for your event. Our trucks are complete with sleek, vibrant graphics and shiny chrome wheels that are sure to make your guests turn their heads. In addition, the outdoor speakers and our “Ice Cream Truck Jingles” will keep everybody entertained. Our friendly, professional ice cream truck catering team is committed to you. Don’t wait–experience the Ice Scream Social difference today!

What Makes Ice Scream Social Different?

  • ✔ Clean, friendly, uniformed service
  • ✔ Easy truck branding options with design templates
  • ✔ Full time office staff, no waiting on a call back!
  • ✔ More than 15 years of event and client relations experience
  • ✔ Pop-up patio featuring picnic tables and umbrellas
  • ✔ When we leave, the wrappers leave too!
  • ✔ No set-up, no mess, no hassle
  • ✔ We provide more than just an ice cream truck...
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Booking an Ice Cream Truck for your next event is easy... we've thought of it all for you...

What do you serve?

Ice Cream Social serves the premium nostalgic favorites that you remember! Below is a sample of some of our favorites.

Ask us about diabetic, gluten free and dairy free options in addition to standard offerings

How much ice cream is on the truck?

Our trucks can hold hundreds, and in some cases THOUSANDS of ice cream bars. We always maintain a reasonable inventory level of ice cream on the trucks so we can assure our guests that we have provided them with the freshest product. We rotate product frequently enough that the ice cream you get off the truck was stocked only a few days before you enjoy it.

Does the truck play music?

You Bet! When we arrive we would be happy to have the ice cream truck music playing. Whether it be from your ipod, Pandora or your favorite AM/FM radio station! Equally important, if the songs start to drive you crazy, we can turn it off at any time.

Can we get in the truck and pass out ice cream?

We have TONS of bosses, marketing managers, and even a bride in her wedding dress (we have pictures to prove this) who get inside the truck and pass out the ice cream to friends, family and co-workers. If you let us know in advance that you would like this, we can be sure to bring an apron and ice cream hat to help with the theme. Our goal is to make your event memorable, and if that involves having your guest of honor pass out the ice cream, we are all for it.

Do you have a track record?

Of course we do, we have been in the special events and entertainment industry for over 20 years, the proof is in the pudding or should we say ice cream!

Can I only rent an ice cream truck in the summer?

No, at Ice Scream Social we have a reason for every season.

How much does it cost to rent an ice cream truck?

The cost of renting an ice cream truck depends on a number of factors. Duration of distribution, quantity of ice creams and travel distance are the variables we use to calculate our best prices.

We have packages available to fit your needs. Call us at 800-275-0185 or email us at and have your quote in minutes.