strawberry ice cream National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

January 15, 2020

What better place to talk about one of the most popular sweet, delectable cold treats than on an ice cream blog! The perfect mix of fruit and cream blended together for a beautiful pink dessert got its start back in 1813 when James Madison was inaugurated for the second time.

Today is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!

Today, strawberry ice cream has been remixed in a number of different ways to be included in the likes of strawberry cheesecake flavors, strawberry shortcake, and even strawberry-flavored shaved ice. It’s also most famously paired together as part of the Neapolitan ice cream blend. Options to eat ice cream from a bowl, on a stick or from a cone are some of the many ways people enjoy consuming the treat. Which is your favorite flavor and way to eat it?

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