The bride and groom posing in an Ice Scream Social ice cream truck, available for wedding rentals Why You Should Rent An Ice Cream Truck For Your Wedding

December 26, 2019

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a low-key or extravagant wedding–what you serve for dessert will always be remembered. If you really want to spark joy and excitement during the tail end of the reception, then do yourself a favor and rent an ice cream truck! Here’s Why…

It’s Unique & Nostalgic

Everyone has done an ice cream bar before, but how many people have catered an ice cream truck before? When you rent an ice cream truck for your wedding, you instantly create an enjoyable and nostalgic atmosphere: adults will reminisce about their childhood, and kids will remember it for years to come. 

It’s Convenient

An ice cream truck caterer comes prepared with everything needed to be successful. Plates, napkins, silverware, ice cream choices–they bring it all! This is certainly a relief: one less thing for you to worry about!

Having a Massachusetts Wedding? Hire Ice Cream Social Today

Our ice cream truck can serve weddings throughout Massachusetts and beyond. If you want to have a truly memorable wedding day, then contact us at your convenience–you won’t regret it!