Sell More with Ice Cream!

January 20, 2020

Any great salesperson skilled in closing deals will tell you that once you can create a common bond with your customers, closing the deal comes naturally. The key of course, is getting potential buyers on your good side. In addition to a great offer and quality service, there’s always something you can do in the way of marketing to make your brand memorable.

That’s where ice cream comes in!

What better way to your customer’s heart than through their stomachs? Rent an ice cream truck to use as a sales tool at your next event. You’ll sell more if you give away ice cream than if you don’t!

Rent an ice cream truck you can use as a sales tool around the Boston area!

Picture it. It’s a hot day out on a large field full of vendors. A consumer passes you by and realizes they can cool down under the shade of your awning and even have a tasty cold treat while they do. The trade-off? Sit for a minute to hear your sales pitch. This is when you’ll have the floor to make your claims. Even if they don’t buy right away you’ve created a lasting impression they will carry with them into the future. The likelihood they recall you when they are in need of your services increases!

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