valentines day Staff Appreciation on Valentine’s Day

January 10, 2020

Valentine’s Day has long been the holiday for lovers. However, it’s evolved in recent years to be much more than just a time to profess love amongst couples. Today’s generation is increasingly using cupid’s holiday as a time to show appreciation to friends and even staff.

Corporate Valentines Day Ideas

If your company is planning a Valentine’s Day staff appreciation event, you might be wondering what sorts of things you can do to impress and show them love. Here are 4 ideas:

1.      Host a Luncheon

2.      Have a Dress Down Day

3.      Hand Out Chocolates and Flowers

4.      Rent an Ice Cream Truck

We especially love the last option for obvious reasons. If you’re in the Boston, Mass. area and need to rent an ice cream truck for Valentine’s Day contact Ice Scream social. We come to your location in a flashy truck with a uniformed driver and all the supplies you need to have a great time eating the nostalgic cold treats.

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