A hot dog with mustard from a rental food cart in Boston What Are the Most Popular Hot Dog Toppings?

February 10, 2016

Americans love hot dogs, but the toppings they choose for them vary widely. According to a 2014 poll, 71 percent of Americans put mustard on their hot dogs, 52 percent use ketchup, 47 percent like onions, 45 percent use chili, and 41 percent top their hot dogs with relish.
The fact that most Americans like mustard was not a surprise since the condiment is used on regional hotdogs, like the ones from New York and Chicago. The fact that ketchup was the second most popular topping was a bit of a surprise since it is not used on regional hot dogs. The fact that so many different condiments were popular suggests that many Americans use multiple toppings for their hotdogs.
The toppings that Americans prefer vary by region. People who live in the South like hot dogs with chili, cheese, or coleslaw. Sauerkraut is popular in the Northeast, and jalapenos are popular in the West.
Many hot dog connoisseurs are vehemently opposed to the use of ketchup, but 79 percent of Americans said it was an acceptable topping. Ketchup was most popular in the Midwest. Younger Americans were more likely than older people to approve of the use of ketchup on hot dogs.